Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bethlehem in Bartlesville

I know I know!! It has been a long time since I have updated my blog and I do apologize. It seems like I am always running at full speed and when I finally have time to myself, I grab a Dr. pepper and look for a lifetime or hallmark movie to watch. We have been very busy as usual. We went to Arkansas at the beginning of November to have Thanksgiving with my family and we spent a couple of days with Carsons family right before Thanksgiving, since I had to work on Thanksgiving. Oh the joys of being a nurse. This past weekend we went to Bartlesville for the Bethlehem in Bartlesville that Carsons parents church put on every other year. It is always fun to walk the streets of Bethlehem and I was excited to take the kid this year. Carsons dad is in charge of getting all the animals to Bethlehem and the perk for us is that we get to pet all the animals. So here are a few pictures of Carson, Maddie and Claire with a few of the critters. So sweet. Enjoy

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Mrs. J said...

we are sad that we missed Bethlehem in B'ville- we really wanted to go but Jason had to work and I wasn't up to making the trip by myself. the girls are so cute- love that headband.