Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Month Old and Big Sister Little Sister Shower

Okay so once again it has been forever since I made a post. The last month has been a little crazy. I had my first and hopefully last kidney stone and needless to say it was NO fun!!! Maddie continues to adjust to life as a big sister and Claire is growing like crazy. At her one month checkup she weighed in at 10 pounds 2 ounces. This was no surprise considering how much the girl likes to eat. Carson and I joke that I must make skim milk!!! In February we made a trip to Arkansas. This was Claire's first trip to Arkansas to meet my family and while we were there my wonderful sister and aunt ann had a big sister little sister shower for the girls. It was alot of fun and the girls go alot of cute clothes to wear this spring and summer. Here are some pictures from our trip to Arkansas. Thanks Amanda and Ann for hosting the shower, and everyone who got us all of those cute clothes. All the cousins, minus Claire and baby Flora arriving in late August!!
Claire with Great Papaw Bill
Claire with Aunt Ann
Maddie rough housing with the boys!!
Maddie the day of the shower!! (one month old exactly)

Maddie and Aunt Amanda
Maddie and Aunt Carrie
Cousin Wyatt
Claire and Great Grandma Hazel

Baby Flora's first gifts
The food
The presents
The yummy cake!!!

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