Thursday, December 3, 2009

A moment of laughter!!

Maddie is so funny these days. Carson and I can always depend on Maddie to make us laugh when the times are rough. On Tuesday Carson had a appointment with his neurologist, afterwards we decided to take Maddie to Mcdonalds to let her eat lunch since it was past her lunch time. Carson and I were talking about things that have been going on lately and needless to say we were both a little down. About that time we see Maddie take her french fry and dip it in my ketchup. This is the first time that she had every done that. I guess she had been watching Carson and I and so she decided she wanted to try some ketchup. We both looked at her at the same time and she just laughed and continued to once again dip her french fry in some more ketchup. It may not seem that funny but to us it was absolutely adorable and it made us forget about all of our troubles. Carson and I are so grateful for Maddie and we are even more grateful that she makes us laugh on a daily basis.


The Beams said...

Love moments like those!!

Bethany said...

Little moments like that are so big! :) Hope you are feeling good Becky! And I aboslutely LOVED the new pic of Maddie on the blog header! She is such a doll baby! Beautiful little girl! :) Congrats on sweet baby Claire! And I loved Maddie's big girl room - so cute!!! Merry Merry Christmas!!! :)