Monday, April 20, 2009

A busy weekend!!

We had a busy but wonderful weekend. I worked three in a row last week, so I got to be off Thursday thru Sunday night. It took me a day to get rested but I still had the whole weekend with Maddie and Carson. On Friday our good friends Sandra and Joe invited us to the Tulsa drillers game. We worried all week that the weather would not hold up, but it ended up being a beautiful night. So on Friday night Maddie went to her first Drillers game. We had a wonderful time with our friends. Sandra and Joe are expecting a baby in September and we cannot wait to find out they are having. They are fantastic with Maddie and they are going to be great parents. On Saturday Carson went to Bartlesville to help his dad, while Maddie and I had a Mommy and Me day. We have not had one of these days in a while so it was way past due. We played all day and of course made a trip to Target. I am so amazed at how fast Maddie is growing. Lately she has become little miss independent. She is crawling everywhere and is trying to pull up on everything. She loves to get the books off of her bookshelf and hold them. She has two teeth on the bottom that you can see breaking through. She loves to watch the "Sunny side up show" that comes on the Sprout channel each morning. Her favorite is "Chica" a little orange bird. She also is clapping her hands together when she hears music. It is so cute. The other night at the drillers game we were walking up to the stadium and they had some loud music playing. Even though Maddie was half asleep she immediately started clapping. It was so cute, Carson and I both laughed. I am just amazed at what she is doing and I am trying to soak up every single moment. My favorite thing to do is to rock Maddie to sleep. It is so nice to turn on the CD player and just spend those few moments with her as we wind down our day. It makes me so grateful each night as I can look into her eyes. I am so grateful that she is healthy and Carson and I are blessed beyond belief with each moment we get to spend with Maddie. On Saturday night we attended a friends Birthday party and cookout. Maddie was so good!! She just sat in the floor and played with all the toys. Maddie is always so good, I just know the next one will probably be a holy terror. Ha Ha. On Sunday we attended church as usual. The preacher started a new series on parenting called " Who wears the pants", it was great and we are looking forward to this month long series. On Sunday night we went back to the Beams house for our community group. Even though we had a busy weekend I enjoyed every minute of being off of work and hanging out with Maddie and Carson. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Here are some picutures of our weekend.

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Mrs. J said...

She is such a sweetie! And yes, she was an absolute angel at the party- she just played and entertained herself so well. What a dream baby!