Monday, February 2, 2009


Well we made our first trip to the ER last night. Maddie started having this cough on Friday night and it continued to get worse through out the weekend. RSV has been going around her day care like wild fire so we were worried that Maddie had RSV. Maddie respirations were increased and she started throwing up so we headed to the SF ER. After arriving at the ER we saw one of our friends Lori from Community Group at our church. She is a nurse in the ER, we had just seen her a few hours before at the CG superbowl party, so we had no idea she would be at work. She was so good to take care of Maddie. She immediately listened to Maddie's lungs and assured us that Maddie was okay. We made in and out of the ER in 2 HOURS!!! We did confirm that Maddie has RSV. So today mommy had to stay home from work to take care of litte miss Maddie. She is doing better and I am grateful that I could stay home with her today and watch after her. I can't wait for her to be all better, I hate to see her feel bad. It is one of the many times I wish I could put myself in her shoes and be sick for her. On a happier note I will try and post pictures of our recent trip to the Tulsa Zoo.


Bethany said...

She is just a doll baby =) I loved her 6 month pics! So sorry she is sick. I will pray for her!

The Cowart Family said...

Becky, I am so sorry to hear that Maddie has RSV. I will defintaly keep yall in my prayers!

Casey said...

I hope she gets better soon! There have been so many babies I know with RSV,so scary! She's in our prayers!!!!