Monday, October 6, 2008

A bunny she loves and a hat she hates

So Carson, Maddie and I spent the weekend being sick. We all had this cold and let me be the first to say that it was no fun. Maddie and I are better now but Daddy is still trying to fight it off. On Saturday I just had to get out of the house so I went to the Mall to get a cute outfit for Maddie to wear in her halloween parade at her daycare. I felt bad for Maddie being sick and all so while at the mall I found her the cutest little stuffed bunny and I bought it for her. Grandma Gail had seen this really cute halloween dress at dilliards so I was very excited when I found the dress at my dillards here in Tulsa. After shopping I headed home to give Maddie her bunny rabbit and she just loved it. She likes to grab hold of it while she is sleeping. I am posting a picture of Maddie sleeping with her bunny and a picture of her halloween dress. Today I was going thru Maddie's closet and looking for things she had not wore yet. I found this really cute winnie the pooh outfit with a hat that Carson and I bought for her right before she was born.We wanted her to wear it home from the hospital but it of course was to big at the time. I put it on her today and I wanted to get a picture with her wearing the hat. Maddie just smiled and smiled when she had the outfit on but when I put the hat on she started to wiggle and soon began crying. Needless to say she hates the hat, but I did manage to get a coulple of good photos. I am posting those photos as well. I hope everyone is doing well. BECKY

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